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Michael Bashi

Welcome to the official BLOG of

This is Michael Bashi; founder of Your Web Traffic Agency (YWTA)

Why have I decided to create this blog? What purpose does it serve?

Here is the deal; I love writing content and most importantly I love making training videos.

So I decided to combine my passion with something that can help you appreciate and greatly understand what Your Web Traffic Agency really is.

I can make 50 optin pages to see which one gets me more leads to optin for the YWTA free training… I can make many sales videos to see which one sells more of the program… I can create countless lead magnets to see which one prospects would relate to more…

But all of this will not help you appreciate or understand the true depth inside YWTA.

The meaning, the sweat, blood, and tears that went into creating such a program like no other for you.

So I decided that any free time I have, I will make new training videos, share interviews with you, and share client income results with you as well.

I hope this blog serves its purpose which is to help you deeply understand YWTA, and the power it contains in which can change your life financially, if you allow it… and of course DO THE WORK AND FOLLOW MY LEAD!

Nothing happens without WORK!

Always a pleasure;