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ZERO To $2200 $2,500 In 3 Weeks Selling Solo Ads

Today I have an interview with another Your Web Traffic Agency (YWTA) student. I do have to say the last few students/clients have been blowing my mind on how they are able to generate sales without spending a dime on ads.

This just shows you the power of this business model.

Let me introduce Mr. Jeorge Corotan from Delaware.

He enrolled into YWTA about a month or so ago.

I his first 3 weeks of running this business, spending very little time on it as Jeorge has a main full time career job; he generated $2,200 in sales and he did it only from networking online and I am assuming on social media. So $0 ad spend which makes the sales almost 100% profit.

So no advertising; simply just by talking to other people online. To me personally this can only be done if you have a good sales funnel in place.

So without further a do, here is Mr. Jeorge Corotan. Welcome my friend and glad to have you here.

Interview Questions:

  1. Briefly, what’s your story? Meaning… What is your past history with solo ads? And how did you find out about Michael Bashi and Your Web Traffic Agency (YWTA)?
  2. What are your thoughts on YWTA? What do you think of it as a business model, concept and setup?
  3. Three Part QUESTION: Ca be answered as one question.

For anyone that may be confused; what do you mean by networking? Did you just go online and start asking people if they want to buy traffic? OR if you can briefly explain what was your process?

  1. What are your thoughts on the training part of YWTA that you get access to even before YWTA starts building your solo ads agency for you?
  2. What motivated you or encouraged you to sign up with Your Web Traffic Agency (YWTA)?

Since we last spoke; what has your results been (sales) with the YWTA business and sales funnel model and how did you accomplish generating those sales so far? (This is the question that majority will pay attention to).

  1. Where do you see yourself 1 year or 3 years down the road from today with your Solo Ads agency built by YWTA?
  2. WHO do you think YWTA is for? Do you think it is only for those who want to sell solo ads or thought about selling solo ads, or do you think it is for anyone who wants to start a business online that actually will make them money whether they know anything about solo ads or never thought about this type of business model before?

To learn more about Jeorge, go to:

Few Weeks After The Interview

We Spoke On Skype Privately.. YES I make time for my clients like I say I would :)… Here is what we talked about; it was brief!

Michael Bashi
Michael Bashi

@realmikebashi I strongly believe that CONSISTENCY CREATES MOMENTUM... MOMENTUM BUILDS RESIDUAL INCOME. And I am here to teach you how to become a "hyper profitable" solo ads seller and sell real quality solo ads traffic to internet entrepreneurs with big advertising budgets.

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